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November 26th, 2004

02:32 pm - thanksgiving already?
wow it's been a long time since i've been up in this bizzitch. haha just kidding kind of.

BANANA NAYS! inside joke....

what's happened since...

...spectrum with two of my favorites jesse and c.le
...saw grant and arturo
...rainforest cafe luncheon day
...shopping like every week
...hanging out in haley's car
...confirmation retreat totally rocked
...junior retreat was bomb too
...inspiration was cool and fun

plans for the rest of my year...

...get my nails done
...go bowling
...miniature golfing
...shopping most definitely
...make a christmas list
...christmas party
...san francisco!!
...make a wish list
...and more

okay i'm bored bye

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October 14th, 2004

05:52 pm - what i love
half days
the van
the beehives
finding jessicas car
losing jessica
best buy
not on me
people who wave when they say 'hi'
the new mustangs
traffic and/or construction
bad drivers
watching the house

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September 29th, 2004

09:42 pm - days are getting harder....harder to survive
i hate school.
i don't know how i'm going to get through but everyone keeps telling me i will.
so i hope all you guys are right.
cause i'm counting on it.
i'm believing in your words.
i need a white rose.
i've got some pain to suffer.
go on and brush your shoulders.
your grace is enough.
so remember.

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September 18th, 2004

10:52 am - Speak child....He does not judge
yo yo anyone who still reads this! haha anyways i just woke up and i was starting my homework because i have a busy day ahead of me but here i am distracted again oh well!

i've had a rough week i hope it isn't like this for the rest of the year things will settle out right? i hope so.

so i was listening to my jacob and matthew CD which i absolutely love! thanks best bus buddy in the world!

right now...i need one of those weekends...that'd be great

blah blah blah bye

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September 6th, 2004

10:23 am - summers ending
well! it's labor day. my very last day of my summer. i'm at my cousins house in long beach right now. we're having a picnic. i'm listening to the phish right now. i'm in a good mood. i'm happy. but not ready for school. oh well. i'll adjust.

my summer ended with one of the best weekends of my life! like not that many people really understand what really makes me happy. like really happy. and that's what i had this past weekend. my pure happiness. <3333 i miss it already!

i wish i took sooo many pictures of my past weekend but i was just taking it all in i forgot. it was overwhelming. i miss everyone and everything. i wish i had pictures to remember it all by, but oh well. next year maybe!

well i don't really know what to say....it's complicated to come back from a weekend like that where everything is just perfect and then comes rolling in the real world with all its worries and faults. i just wish it could be perfect forever and ever.

i want to go to san francisco with my uncle. that's it.

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August 23rd, 2004

03:31 pm - shopping.......again
i have a problem....i am an addict...i need to stop...but i can't! oh well!

i'm thinking it's just a phase and i'll get over it, but really in the back of my head i know i won't haha

okay so i went shopping again....sue me

this time i got a cardigan, 2 scarves, a couple tank tops, and my most favorite item now in my possession....two long shirts! it's like by C&C or something they're like tunics in a way but not it's soo cute i just can't explain it i guess you have to see it loserss hahaa just kidding i almost got another pair of jeans but didn't

me and bree said we'll go shopping before school starts up fo shoooow


i need to start/finish reading my book like now


blah blah blah bye

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August 18th, 2004

08:32 pm - .beach.it.
ghetto asian rap.
wiped out waves.
thriftys ice cream.
tangerine altoids.
mcdonalds fries.
bike riding.
<3Collapse )

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August 16th, 2004

12:23 am - $hopping!
Shopping is way too raddd!

Gosh, it's so relaxing...it's soo much fun....it's tiring...it's costly...costful? whatevers....it's comepetitive....it should be a sport! i wonder how guys will react to that....haha!

i'm an idiot! i got like 3 of the same pairs of jeans just different sizes but same style.....lame asss oh well! that tells you how much i love them jeans!

i'm already starting to get into winter clothes because i found myself buying a lot of cardigans and sweaters and stuff! whooaa soo coool!

No more talking about shopping....

....for noww

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August 12th, 2004

09:43 pm - $hopping!
If I could shop at least once a week for the rest of my life, I would be satisfied with my closet.


Obviously today I went shopping...

i got jeans (they are soo expensive my gosh but they are really nice jeans)
i got tank top (hot pink)
and i got paul frank boxer shorts (how cute)

I wanted soo much crap...

i wanted this red lacoste polo...they have long sleeve ones now too and striped ones geeeezzz
i wanted these like hot lime green shorts...
i wanted blazers/jackets...
i wanted cardigans...
i wanted polos...
i wanted tank tops...
i want it all...
i love it all!

shopping is radddd

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August 11th, 2004

06:40 pm
i love cool hats.
i love taking pictures.
i love sunsets, just as much as sunrises.
i love emails.
i love a lot.
but most of all...
i love driveby photoshoots.Collapse )

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